Casino Betting Systems

There are various casino betting systems today and it is important to understand how the most popular ones work in order to be able to enjoy your games and at the same time increase your chances of winning in these games. Practice these strategies at free roulette games - to predict the next wins.

It is important to keep in mind that no matter which casino betting system you are going to use, there is no system that is going to give you a positive outcome against the house and so it is only wise to use the various strategy rules for specific games in order to increase your odds in that particular game. You should always ignore all the casino players who insist that there is a sure way of beating the casinos. It is important to always remember that each game in a casino is based on a house edge and this is a proven mathematical figure each casino makes from each game. This means that the rules for the dealer as well as the player in every game make it impossible to affect the edge percentage over time. The most common casino betting systems include Martingale, Cancellation, D’Alenbert, Paroli and 1-3-2-6 betting systems among others.

Martingale Betting System

This is the most popular betting system in the world today and this is because of its simple instructions. This system states that every time a player wins a bet, they should take the wager off the table and every time they lose they should double their next bet. Here the idea is that if a player loses one of their wagers, if they double their next bet they will surely win back their lost bet if they win the next hand.

Cancellation Betting System

This system makes use of a series of numbers that determine how much a player will bet in each game to be able to win a fixed number of units. The idea in this system is players will be able to arrive at their goals by continually increasing their wagers for their losing hands and at the same time maintain a stable betting pattern that will help them in reaching the betting units amount they desire.

D’Alenbert Betting System

This system means that the player has to raise his bets by 1 unit after any losing bet and lower it by one unit after any winning bet. Here players will be able to make some allowance if there is a string of winning bets which lower their stakes to zero. This system works well for free slots games.

Paroli Betting System

This system requires players lower their bets by a unit after any losing bet and raise it by a unit after any winning bet.

1-3-2-6 Betting System

This system combines raised and lowered bets on successive winning bets. Here the system requires players to bet successively on their original bet in a four bet series. For example if you bet $5 then the bets will be $5, $15, $20 and $60.


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