Rules of How To Play Blackjack Free Game of Pontoon

Pontoon is type of the Spanish 21 game which is an American game that is unlicensed and is mostly played in casinos found in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. In some casinos this game is known as Treasury 21 or Jupiters 21 or Paradise Pontoon or Federal Pontoon.


This is the British version of the blackjack game which started in the 20th century and became the most popular game among the armed forces of most of the English speaking countries. The difference between Pontoon and the casino blackjack is that Pontoon has no official rules and usually varies from one place to another. You may find the rules for our game in the small menu window available every time you play blackjack free games by

How to Play

This game is arithmetic and is played using a table that has the same layout as that of blackjack. In every deal the players aim to have cards that total more in face value than that of the dealer but the total should not exceed 21 which will be termed as a bust and thereby the player will lose. When a player gets a total card value of 21 that consists of an ace and any other card with a value of 10 they will be deemed to be a pontoon and will pay extra. A player’s pontoon will always be better than a dealer’s pontoon. This game is either played from a shoe or a continuous shuffling machine (CSM) which is 4-deck just like Spanish 21. The standard shoe-games use 6 or 8 regular decks which are usually 52 cards minus the ten spot cards.


• The dealer has no hole card meaning that players will not be able to know if the dealer has a blackjack or a natural which is an ace and a 10 valued card until the round ends where the dealer is supposed to draw their second card.

• It is impossible to double or split and lose all the bets to a dealers blackjack or natural.

• An ace in pre-doubled hands always represents 1 rather than 11.

• Players are not allowed to split or draw aces which will mean that if a player splits aces they will be given only one card on each ace.

• There are limitations in the number of hands that players are allowed to split to although this number is different casinos.

• Players are only allowed to surrender against an ace of a dealer or picture. If a dealer has a natural the player still loses the entire bet.

• A dealer as a rule hits on soft 17.

• This game has a super bonus payout which is similar to Spanish 21 with the only exception being that of Casino De Genting in Malaysia which has a different bonus payout.

It is important to always keep in mind that when playing this types of games, having fun is the most important thing as this gives you the right attitude and thereby feel comfortable and have a high chance of winning. Even when you play blackjack free games remember to play wisely.