Perfect Pairs - How to Play Blackjack Online Free and for Real Money

Perfect Pairs is a variation of the Blackjack game and is found in several casinos worldwide. This game can be played in casino halls as well as on the internet. Most of the features of this game are similar to Vegas Strip Blackjack although there are also some slight differences. You can play blackjack onlien free game and train your skills before you start betting real money in casinos.

In this game the rules are the same as of the normal Blackjack and the only difference is that players are able to make one more bet that will be able to win if two cards of their initial hand are a pair. In order for a player to beat a dealer they will have to have a blackjack which is an ace and 10 or by having more points than the dealer without going past 21. A perfect pair bet is supposed to be made along with an initial bet before the cards are dealt to the player. If the player as a pair coming from the initial hand he will win the perfect pairs bet but if the players first two cards are not a pair then he will lose the bet but will have another bet to continue the game hoping to beat the dealer.


  • 1. The first rule of this game is that it should be played with a deck of cards consisting of 52 cards. In some online casinos however the game can be played with as much as 4 decks of cards.

  • 2. Each player is dealt with two initial playing cards which should face up while the dealer is dealt with one card facing up and another facing down.

  • 3. The values of all the cards are the same as the conventional free blackjack where cards from 2 to 10 use their indicated values while jacks, queens and kings represent 10 and the ace card can either be 1 or 11.

  • 4. All the bets of this game should be made before the cards are dealt. If you had a perfect pair bet and got a pair from the first two cards dealt you will be given your winning for this pair after the game has finished but if you lost your perfect pair bet which means you did not get a pair from the initial hand then the bet will be removed from the table.

  • 5. You will be an automatic winner in case you land a blackjack from your two initial hand cards. You can also be a winner if you hand cards that total 21 points although this will not beat the dealer if he also has blackjack.

  • 6. Players are only allowed to double once per hand.

  • 7. Players are allowed to split their cards if they have a similar value.

  • 8. Players can hit their two hands to get a better hand to win. Keep in mind that you can hit only once for each hand if you split aces.

  • 9. Dealers are supposed to always hit their 17 which is having an ace counted as 11 but without exceeding 21 for example ace plus 6 comes to 17.

Now you can see how well you know the rules of the game - play blackjack online free game of Perfect Pairs and find out whether you are ready to play for real.