Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses are one of the main reasons that will determine where a player will choose to play their casino games. Of course in case you are not eager to start playing free blackjack or other free games, bonuses are a great way for you to multiply your funds. These bonuses vary in different casinos so the bigger the amount the more likely a player will choose the casino. There are very many types of bonuses for casinos and this will include sign bonuses for online games and deposits bonuses among others. It is for this reason that it is important to clearly go through the bonus terms and understand them before you start playing a particular game. In most cases this bonus cannot be given to the player before making a specific amount of bets so always make sure you understand the terms. It is also important to differentiae the different types of bonuses. These different types of bonuses mostly vary in terms of rules, conditions as well as wagering requirements.

Cashable Bonus

This is one of the different types of casino bonuses and currently the most common. Here the bonus amount can be easily cashed out if the player fulfils all the bonus terms as well as requirements correctly. In most cases the player will be given a specific amount of times that they should make on their wager in order to be able to withdraw their winnings together with the bonus.

Sticky Bonus

This is also referred to as non cashable bonus and this where players are only allowed to use the bonus for playing but they cannot withdraw it if they win. The main purpose of this type of bonus was to ward off disloyal players who are only looking for the most favourable sign up bonuses and quit immediately they have used them also known as “bonus hunters”. In most cases sticky bonuses are higher and at the same time have lighter wagering requirements compared to cashable bonuses meaning that they are quite favourable given that they give players opportunities for more bets thereby offering more chances of winning and making substantial profit.

Match Bonus

This type of bonus can also be referred to as percentage or deposit bonus and here a player will get the bonus when they make a deposit in an online casino. Match bonus games are usually ideal for new online players. An example of this is when a player deposits $100 and gets a 100% match bonus which will mean that the player will have $200 to play with.

No Deposit Bonus

In this type of bonus a player does not need to make any deposits prior to the game in order to be eligible for a casino bonus. In most cases this type of bonus comes only once and this is a sign up bonus. This type of bonus is usually accompanied with several wagering requirements. This bonus is usually credited to the players account immediately and players will be supposed to make minimum wagers amounts in order to be eligible for this bonus. It is also necessary to keep in mind that players will have to make a token deposit in order to withdraw this bonus.


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