Craps Lingo

On the face of it Craps can look like one of the most complicated games in the casino. Yet, like most things, if you take the time after you have qualified for your Unibet bonus to learn the game and gather enough experience you will soon be wondering what all of the fuss was about?

Another reason Craps seems so complicated is the use of jargon you will hear around the table between the experienced players and the dealers. As a newcomer to the game there is little doubt that this will scare some, and weaken the will of others.

All casino games have their own specific lingo, but given the sheer variety of bets that craps has, this game has more than most.

Snake Eyes

This is the term given to the number two, because when you roll two-one’s they look like a set of eyes.


This is the name given to the man, or woman, who is in control of the dice. Anyone can be a Shooter and the dealers make sure that everyone takes a turn for sake of parity.

The Come Out Roll

This is the name given to the first series of rolls the Shooter will have when they first take control of the dice.

The Point

This is the term given to the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 if a Shooter should hit any of them when on the ‘come out’ roll. This number is then known as ‘the point’ and the dealer places a white disc with the words ‘On’ next to the number to signify it’s relevance in the game.

Seven Out

This is not a term you want to hear when playing craps. It means the Shooter has just rolled a seven whilst trying to make ‘point’ and the round is over.


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