How to Play Free Slots and Real Money Games

Progressive slots are the names given to slot machines that have a jackpot that keeps growing with each bet players will make. The final jackpot in this game comes from the percentage of all bets made on each game and this can either be on one machine or a group of machines. Remember, this game is not available as a free casino slots game, you may try it for free but you will not qualify for any wins including the jackpot. Still it is fun to try and play free slots just like our game.

This game also allows players to get awarded even if they are not the winners of the jackpot and this is because the game only pays out a maximum jackpot when a player gets the winning symbols that have been designated for the jackpot. A percentage of the coins that are used for playing this game will be used to form the progressive jackpot and this therefore means that the actual payback percentage is going to be less on any other winning symbols, just like in our online blackjack free game of Progressive blackjack. It is however important to keep in mind that not all progressive machines are the same and there are actually three different types of progressive slots today.

Stand Alone Progressive Slots

This is a type of progressive machine that does link to any other machine. In this machine, the top jackpot is not fixed but it is a percentage of all the coins played plus the award for the highest winning combination. These machines are designed with meters on the front which display the jackpot being played for. In most cases the payback is usually similar to other machines that have the same denomination but distributed differently to give players varying amounts for the top prize.

Proprietary or In House Progressive Slots

This is a group of machines that are linked together and operated by one casino. These machines may be linked together in one casino or wit several properties in cases where a casino company has several casinos. I these machines the jackpots are not usually the multi-million variety but they sometimes are quite substantial.

Wide Area Progressive Slots

This is a group of slot machines linked together by different casino companies. These types of machines offer players with the highest jackpots compared to stand alone and proprietary slot machines. These machines are usually operated by an independent firm instead of a casino company. The casinos that make up these machines are supposed to share the winnings through a percentage usually predetermined and the operator is the one who owns the game. The payback percentage of wide area progressive slot machines is much lower compared to proprietary and stand alone progressive slot machines and this is because the costs of linking and running these machines is quite high.

Points to Remember

When playing any of these machines it is necessary to keep in mind that many people have gone bankrupt because of playing these games so it is necessary to ensure that you only play with what you have left after paying all your bills. It is also necessary to keep in mind that different games have different strategies that will increase your chances of winning so always get familiar with them before you start to play. It is always safer to play free slots in online casinos and look for free casino slots on websites just like this one. You will be able to play your favorite games with no need to register or install any software, as these games are no deposit slots.