Rules for Vegas Strip Blackjack - Free Online Blackjack Game

The game of blackjack has given birth to several variations, that can be found at and Vegas strip blackjack is one of these variations. This game is very common in the US and can be found in almost all the casinos in the country given the fact that it is very popular today. The name of this game was derived from Las Vegas Boulevard and now is available in all casinos as well as free online blackjack sites.

This is an exciting game and just like the other types of blackjack players will need luck and employ some skills for them to have a good chance of winning. In order to be able to play this game it is important for players to at least get familiar with the common blackjack rules given the fact that most of these rules also apply in Vegas Strip blackjack although there are a few unique rules to also get familiar with which are exclusive to Vegas Strip blackjack. Most of the rules are preserved in our free blackjack online game for your pleasure and training.

Rules for Vegas Strip Free Online Blackjack

• The number of card decks in this game should always be 4 and each deck should have the standard number of cards which is 52. This will therefore mean that each player will be increasing their chances of getting a specific card when they use the single hand version and on the other hand the chances of getting a specific card will be far less when they play multi-hand.

• There are 4 different symbols for each of the 13 different cards to make them 52 namely hearts, diamond, spades and flowers. Each of these 13 different cards has a value indicated on them apart from the ace which have a value of either 1 or 11 and the jack, queen and king which have a value of 10.

• Players are allowed to split aces and this will then make them get a card with ten points as its value. This will not count as blackjack but just 21 and therefore the dealer will win by a blackjack hand if he has a blackjack.

• Only one card should be dealt over a split ace.

• Different cards that have a value of 10 can be split.

• Doubling is only allowed on the first two cards and it is not allowed after splitting.

• Aces are not supposed to be re-split. Though our free blackjack online game allows this option up to 4 times.

• A card with a value of 10 that has been dealt over s split ace is not considered as a blackjack but as 21 only.

• The dealer stands on all 17’s which decreases their chances of being bust and at the same time increase the player’s chances of getting 18 or more.

• Players may draw up to 9 additional cards therefore having 11 cards in one hand so long as it does not exceed 21.

• The dealer is supposed to check for blackjack whenever they draw an ace or a 10 and if they have it they will win automatically.

• There will be a Four handsare formed when a player re-splits 3 times.