Creepy Night Free Online Slots

A video slot machine also known as video slots are games that have video screens instead of the traditional mechanical reels. Video slots also have animated video as well as bonus screens. There are two types of video bonus slots and these are “On the Reels” and “Off the Reels” bonus games.

How do Free Online Slots and Real Money Slots Work

Video slots are run by computer programs that always ensure players enjoy themselves and also have the same chances of winning on the short term but the casino always wins on the long term. Video slot machines require players to press a spin button which then shows the players the spinning reels until they come to a stop and this is decided by a random number generator that is operated independently by another company apart from the casino. The machine will then display the results when it stops spinning. This game has become very popular lately and this has resulted in most of the casinos adding a bonus feature to this game in order to keep existing players and at the same time attract new ones. The bonus games give players a new way of winning and at the same time are very entertaining thereby giving you value for your money. It is however important to keep in mind that there are several types of bonus slot games. And do not forget to try your skills in free slots online before betting real cash.

Types of Bonus Games for Free Slots Online

In order to be able to understand the different types of bonus games we should first separate the features and this will be On the Reels and Off the Reels.

- On the Reels Based Bonus

This bonus type occurs in the traditional reel spinning machine. The most common bonus found on video slots in this category is known as the free spin bonus. Most of the video slot machines have a free spins feature and here players will need to hit a specific amount of scatters in order to win a specific set amount of free spins. Usually wins on the bonus use a win multiplier that is usually between 2 and 6. The “Hold and Spin” style is a type of a free spin bonus and here players are supposed to hit a specific combination which will be held and then other reels will re-spin. In most cases the re-spin is deemed as a second chance of getting another type of bonus. Other types of reel based bonus include expanding wilds, cascade features, randomly changing symbols, wild multipliers and slide features. You will surely enjoy this feature even in free online slots, like Creepy Night game.

- Off the Reels Based Bonus

This type of bonus uses video screens instead of spinning reels and here the different bonus games will be determined by their designs. “Pick a Box” style bonus is one of the popular in this category and here players are presented with a series of alternatives where they will have to select items to win. This type of bonus comes in different variations with different names including “Pick until Pop” and the “Wheel of Fortune” among others. In this free slots no download game you will not be offered a bonus game, still you may enjoy free spins and get a coin bonus when special scatter symbols appear. Some of the free slot machines offer both versions of these bonus games. If you want to play for money, opt for gambling at online casinos.

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