Gambling with Slot Machines: Which Slots to Play?

There are forces and systems that govern the very nature of slot machines. Over the course of decades, serious gamblers have discovered the tricks when it comes to choosing the best slot machines to play. So, there is now a definite answer to the basic question: “Which slots to play?”

Players must remember that there is no difference, as to the outcome of probabilities, when players put in a dollar or a hundred dollars. Slot machines operate with a random number generator that is responsible for randomizing each game. This randomizer however can be easily tweaked by the casino management in order to control just how loose or tight a machine is.

Loose machines are those slot machines with a higher rate of payout. On the other hand, those machines that barely allow players to win are called as tight machines. In this case, tighter is not better; players want to be with loosest slots.

Machines that are advertised to have a bigger payout than the rest of the slots on the floor are most likely to be tight slots. Players should stay away.

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When casino players ask: “Which slots to play?” a concise answer would be: “The loose slots”

Players who are interested in breaking the bank via slot machines should do well to bide their time in observing the casino grounds. These aspiring slot superstars should first walk to the floor of the casino and look at the placement of the slots.

A casino is a big business machine that requires constant patrons and players to grease its wheels and sprockets. This is the reason why casinos have learned the best ways of really reeling in the big fish.

One of the methods that casinos use in order to attract players into playing their slots is strategic placement. Casinos usually put their loosest slots right along side or right in front of the cash out window. Casinos want their patrons and clients to keep on gambling. Allowing them to hear people win at these loose slots will entice them into playing more. Casinos place their loose slots at elevators and escalators for the exact same reason. They want people to be pulled in by the sound of the slot machines and the clink and clank of the coins as these loose slots payout.


Casinos entice their clients and players by allowing them to see other players winning jackpots. They don’t necessarily want players to win, but they want players to see other players win. This is the paradoxical truth of the entire casino business.

One of the best strategies that players can utilize when looking for the loosest slots that payout the big money is to look for a slot that can be visible from all directions. Another sure-fire method to get this precious information of which slot is the loosest is to ask. The trick then, is who to ask. Players should make it a point to ask waitresses as they are the ones who are likely to move around the entire casino floor. At least a couple of waitresses should be asked “Which slots to play?”. Players should remember that a generous tip goes a long way.


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