Progressive Online Blackjack Free Game

The game of progressive blackjack begins with a player making a side bet which then allows the players to take part in extra side bets that keep on rising for each bet. After the initial wagering, both the player as well as the dealer will be dealt with two cards each. The objective of this game is to have cards that have a total close to 21 or 21 itself but not more. All the cards from 2 to 10 have the indicated value while ace cards either have a value of 1 or 11 while the kings, jacks and queens all have the value 10. If a dealer happens to have a higher hand than the player then the dealer will win the game. If both the dealer and the player have the same total of card value then this will be referred to as push and here the player’s money will have to be returned. However, if the player has a total value which is more than 21 then this will be referred to as a busted hand and the player will lose regardless if the dealer busts.

Rules Summary

  • decks of cards are used each containing 52 cards.
  • After every hands the decks are supposed to be reshuffled.
  • A dealer is supposed to stand on all 17’s.
  • The game does not allow surrendering.
  • Splitting and doubling are allowed in this game.
  • Re-splitting of cards is not allowed, unlike other free online blackjack games.
  • When splitting aces, there is only 1 extra card that is allowed on each ace.

How to Play Progressive Online Blackjack Free Game

When a player places their bet they receive two cards that should face up and the dealer also receives two cards however here one will be facing up and another down. When a players are dealt the cards and most importantly based on the type of cards they have they will have several options and this will include hit, stand, split, double down and insurance.


In this option a player requests for another card and they are allowed to do this as many times as possible but the total should not exceed 21 or the player will be declared “bust” and therefore lose that hand.


In this option a player is not allowed to receive more cards and the hand will be judged against the dealer’s hand.


In this option players are allowed split their hand into two if they have two similar cards in the first hand and this therefore means they can play each hand one by one separately. The original bet in the first hand will then be duplicated in the new hand. This option is very favorable for the player as in some cases player may increase his winning chances sufficiently. Learn how to use this option in the blackjack free online game above.

Double Down

In this option, players have three different options namely receiving an additional card, the end of the players turn and the players bet will be doubled.


In this option, players have insurance of taking half the amount of bet when the dealers card facing up is an ace. As insurance bet is not favorable for the player, our online blackjack free game doesn't feature this option. Yet some of the blackjack free online games you may find still feature this option.