Superhero slots are leading the way

Superhero slots are leading the way in the most popular online slots and online slots have a great selection. From X-Men to the Fantastic Four, there’s a wide variety of superhero slots to play online, mixing the excitement of the films and comics with video slot machines.

The Fantastic Four online slot sees this five-reel video slots machine bringing to you the excitement of the comic and the film. One of the most popular superhero franchises, Fantastic Four follows the story of a group of astronauts who, guess what, have unique powers from an incident where they were exposed to cosmic radiation. If you’re a fan of the movie this means that you can look forward to appearances from all your favourite characters in the game, with action that comes directly from the movie and the Marvel comic book series. Catch appearances from great characters such as ridiculously strong Thing, the ever elusive Invisible Woman and the, of course, combustible Human Torch.

This five – reel video slot machine brings special character icons and great features focusing on the superheroes and their extravaganzas’. If you’re not so much a fan of Fantastic Four, the new superhero craze means that lots of other power possessing characters are coming to the slot machines, such as the ever loved X-Men - another comic series turned movie franchise. This online slot featured at online casinos sees hero favourites such as Wolverine and Cyclops appearing in your online games, combining their heroic story with your gaming story.

Grab your chance to play your way, by gaming alongside your favourite villain or playing with the good guys. A rise in the popular comics and movie franchise adaptations sees superhero online slots on the increase, allowing you to be alongside your favourite characters whilst playing for big winnings.


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